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Electromac Industries manufactures premium quality Trefoil Clamps. These trefoil clamps are made from finest quality raw material to ensure international standards of quality blended with durability. Molded Trefoil Clamps, offered by us, are extensively used in high voltage single core cables with high current rating. Cast Aluminium Trefoil Clamps, provided by us, are useful in laying single core cables in trefoil touching formation that helps in maintaining magnetic symmetry. Furthermore, our company is widely renowned as one the prominent Trefoil Clamps Suppliers.

Purpose of Trefoil Clamps
Trefoil Clamps find usage in applications of high voltage single core cables where the current rating is high and 3 core cables are not available. Widely appreciated for laying single core cables, Trefoil helps in maintaining magnetic symmetry, thereby avoiding electro magnetic heating and loss of current. It nullifies the induced magnetic field of high voltage power cable. The Trefoil Clamps provides protection of power and control cables from the lightning discharges and establishing easy cable circulation paths.

Trefoil Clamps are suitable for supporting Single Core PVC/ HRPVC, XLPE, XLPE Insulated Aluminium, Un- Armoured, Earth And Un Earth Power Cables from 1.1 Kv to 132 KV Grade. 3 Phase A.C. Circuits in trefoil formation are used in Generation Stations, Sub-Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Switchgear Plants, Industrial Installation, Terminal Kits, and Straight through Jointing Kits etc. These can be used for indoor or outdoor for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries.

Types (Material of Construction)
  • M.O.C. Die-Cast Aluminium
  • M.O.C. F.R.P. (Fibre Reinforce Product)
  • M.O.C. Aluminum Strips
  • Nylon 6
  • Glass Filled Moulded Nylon
  • M.O.C. PVC

Sizes are depending upon the overall dimensions of the Cables, Normally trefoil clamps are used for single core cables.

Prices(can be given after the receipt of following information)
  • Actual Dimensions of Cable
  • Type and M.O.C. of the Trefoil Clamps
  • Size and type of cables

List of Experience

S.No. Clients Name Purchase Order Numbers Project Name Quantity
1 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Bangalore 77/00/0279/AK dated 06-02-01 Bangladesh 100 Nos
2 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/CMP/IRA/P-133/01 dated 08/12/01 Baiji IRAQ 350 Nos
3 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. EPC Mumbai E&C Power/45000-1524/SMV dated 25/11/02 Dhofar Oman 2,210 Nos
4 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. EPC Mumbai CHEM PP/45000-23013/SMV dated 09/06/04 IOCL Mathura 4,000 Nos
5 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad T704W658 dated 27-01-2005 IOCL Panipat 10,250 Nos
6 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad B704V059 dated 18-02-2005 Hyd. Comp. Plant 800 Nos
7 Cable Corpn. of India Ltd. Mumbai HO/PI/2005-06/01. dated 03/05/05 BHEL - Transmission 325 Nos
8 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL. PW/PE/CMP/LIB/P-110/05 dated 21-06-05 GTPP,WM,Libya. 5,000 Nos
9 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad T705B921 dated 22-07-2005 IOCL Panipat 1,500 Nos
10 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad M105E842 dated 10-11-2005 Store 33 - Hyderabad 1,200 Nos
11 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL. PW/PE/CMP/BLR/P-617/05 dated 23-02-06 Bellary TPP,Karnataka 11,675 Nos
12 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL. PW/PE/CMP/RLY/P-637/05 dated 04-05-06 Rayalseema, TPP, AP 13,938 Nos
13 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/CMP/BTN/P-636/05 dated 04-05-06 PSEB, Punjab. 9,400 Nos
14 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad M206E025 Dated 06-05-2006 Hyd. Frame 1,200 Nos
15 Viduit & Co.I.Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai 4163/223A/06 dated 18-05-2006 Paradeep Fertilizer 100 Nos
16 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL. PW/PE/MM/NEY/P-588/07 dated 14-11-07 NLCL - Nayveli . 5,675 Nos
17 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL. PW/PE/MM/SLP/P-615/07 dated 21-11-07 SLPP- Surat. 4,250 Nos
18 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/MM/NVL/P-616/07 dated 21-11-07 BTPP Barsigsar. 6,400 Nos
19 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/MM/RLS/P-619/07 dated 22-11-07 Rayalseema, TPP, AP 5,800 Nos
20 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/MM/TMB/P-620/07 dated 22-11-07 TTGS - Mumbai . 7,840 Nos
21 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PEM, NDL PW/PE/MM/KOS/P-621/07 dated 22-11-07 Kosti - Sudan. 7,100 Nos
22 Viduit & Co.I.Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai 4317/233A/08 dated 12-01-2008 Paradeep Fertilizer 750 Nos
23 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. Hyderabad M207E122 dated 03-03-2008 Store 34 - Hyderabad 500 Nos
24 Bharat Heavy Ele.Ltd. PSSR BHEL/PSSR/BTPP/310/3400 dated 20-09-08 Bellary TPP,Karnataka 875 Nos
25 Darmon Electricals. Mumbai DM/EI/TC-001/08-09 dated 18-10-08

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